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Doris B. Hawthorne Center for Communicative Disorders

The Doris B. Hawthorne Center for Communicative Disorders serves as an incubator for innovation in clinical research within our department. Faculty and graduate students collaborate with participants in our many clinical programs to determine where the barriers caused by communicative disorders are most problematic. We then design techniques and strategies to help overcome these barriers. Throughout the year students and clients are engaged in therapies at the cutting edge of innovation.

Over the past ten years, numerous articles describing evidence-based assessment and intervention practices have been published in the best professional journals in the discipline. These clinical techniques have been employed throughout the world. Giving clients a chance to improve their communication skills in authentic settings and real world contexts, giving students innovative therapy techniques and a foundational understanding of why these techniques work, and letting the faculty engage in clinical research that translates to the classroom and therapy suites are what makes this center and the department that houses it so unique.

The work of this center is truly research for a reason.