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Regular contact with your academic advisor is an essential component of student success in the Department of Communicative Disorders. We follow the regular University calendar with advising sessions in October and March, but if you have questions during the semester, you are having problems in multiple classes or you just need some encouragement, your advisor is the person to contact.

Undergraduate students are assigned an advisor by the departmental administrative assistant when they enter the major as a first-time freshman or a transfer from another major. Your advisor’s name and contact are found under your profile on Ulink. Advisors are specifically trained for undergraduate advising and will guide you through completion of your degree plan.

Scheduling Your Advising Appointment

Advising is always by appointment, but advisors schedule these appointments differently and advising sessions will take a variety of formats as we continue to exercise social distancing. Some advising sessions may be on-campus and face to face while others may be remote via Zoom, Teams, or other platforms.  Make sure you contact your advisor to find out how to schedule your advising appointment and how to access the forms you will need.  It is your responsibility to ask your advisor how to go about scheduling an appointment. 

Make sure you are familiar with the department's course of study (course distribution lists) and which courses you still need.  You are encouraged to bring a tentative schedule of classes for the upcoming semester to discuss with your advisor.

Advising Resources

The Academic Success Center has all the information you need about advising

The CODI Department has established an Advising Moodle site:  Speech Pathology and Audiology Advising.  If you need to be added to the site, contact the Department Office.