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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty are active researchers and presenters at state, national and international conferences. They have numerous publications and serve as editors and on editorial boards of academic journals.  Members of our faculty have been honored as Distinguished Faculty, Endowed Professors, Outstanding Advisors and Research Mentors.  

Our students consistently rank our professors and advisors at levels above both the University and College averages. It is clear that we are eager to share what we know and what we are constantly learning with our students and with the world outside the University.

Academic Faculty

Ryan L. Nelson, PhD, CCC-SLP
Department Head and Associate Professor, Hawthorne-BORSF Endowed Professor I
Burke-Hawthorne Hall, Room 236
Current CV
Phone: 337-482-6726
Research Interests: Childhood Language Disorders; Literacy Construction and Usage; Qualitative Research Methodologies








Laura E. Arrington, PhD, CCC-SLP
Visiting Assistant Professor
Burke-Hawthorne Hall
Research Interests: Research Interests: Strengths-Based Practice; Literacy; Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Elena Babatsouli, PhD
Assistant Professor
Burke-Hawthorne, Room 246
Phone: 337-482-6727
Research Interests: Cross-linguistic child language acquisition and assessment in monolingualism and bilingualism; Speech sound disorders in children and adults; Louisiana minority languages; Second language acquisition; Phonetics/phonology, Morphology and syntax; Clinical linguistics; Psycholinguistics; Measures and quantitative methods




Michael P. Cannito, PhD, CCC-SLP
Professor, Doris B. Hawthorne- BORSF Endowed Professor II
Burke-Hawthorne Hall, Room 207
Current CV
Phone 337-482-1077
Research Interests:
Motor Speech Disorders; Cognitive & Language Disorders in Adults; Neurogenic Voice Disorders; Acoustic Analysis of Speech





Holly L. Damico, PhD, CCC-SLP
Associate Professor, Hawthorne-BORSF Endowed Professor III
Burke-Hawthorne Hall, Room 222
Current CV
Phone 337-482-5240
Research Interests: Language, Literacy, Qualitative Research, Social Engagement, Learning Theory and Application




John W. Oller, Jr., PhD
Burke-Hawthorne Hall, Room 219
Current CV
Phone: 337-482-6722
Research Interests: Etiology of Disorders, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Biosemiotics



Judith D. Oxley, PhD, CCC-SLP
Associate Professor
Burke-Hawthorne, Room 223
Current CV
Phone: 337-482-1188
Research Interests: Language Development and AAC; AAC in Asia; Acoustic Measures of Speech
Patrick J. Rydell, Ed.D, CCC-SLP
Visiting Assistant Professor
Burke-Hawthorne Hall, Room 232
Phone: 720-289-0145

Anthony P. Salvatore, PhD, CCC-SLP
Professor, Doris Hawthorne & Harmon Roy-BORSF Endowed Professor
Burke-Hawthorne Hall, Room 208
Current CV
Phone: 337-482-6489
Research Interests: Aphasia, Concussion Management, Single Subject Design, Concept Learning







Henry Trahan, AUD
Adjunct Instructor
Burke-Hawthorne Hall, Room 225B

Clinical Faculty





Christine Weill, PhD, CCC-SLP
Director, Speech, Language, and Hearing Center
Burke-Hawthorne Hall,
Room 201-C
Current CV
Phone 337-482-1182
Clinical Specialty: Autism Spectrum Disorders; Language and Literacy Development; Social Interaction
Kathleen Johnson Abendroth, PhD, CCC-SLP
Visiting Clinical Supervisor
Burke-Hawthorne, Room 224
Phone: 337-482-6733
Clinical Specialty: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Early Language Development; Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC); Literacy



Mona Breaux, MS, CCC-SLP
Clinical Supervisor
Burke-Hawthorne, Room 220
Clinical Specialty: Speech and Language Diagnostics
Ashley Kidd, MS, CCC-SLP
Visiting Clinical Supervisor
Burke-Hawthorne, Room 209
Clinical Specialty: Dysphagia, Aphasia, Dysarthria, Stroke, and MBSS/dysphagia diagnostic

Katherine Mcquitty Hays, MS, CCC-SLP
Visiting Clinical Supervisor
Burke-Hawthorne, Room 221
Clinical Specialty: Early Language Development, Articulation and Phonology, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech and Language Diagnostics



Anne Williams, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-F
Clinical Supervisor
Burke-Hawthorne, Room 218
Current CV
Phone 337-482-6870
Clinical Specialty: Stuttering, Articulation & Phonology, Language Development

Adjunct Clinical Staff



Jaime Crooks, MS, CCC-SLP
Burke-Hawthorne, Room 249B
Clinical Specialty: Early language development



Administrative Staff


Roxanna Guillory Harris
Administrative Assistant III, Department Office
Burke-Hawthorne Hall, Room 236
Phone 337-482-6721
Stacie Thomas
Administrative Assistant III, Speech Language and Hearing Center
Burke-Hawthorne Hall, Room 201D
Phone 337-482-6490