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On Under-reported Monolingual Child Phonology
Babatsouli, E. (ed.) (2020)
In book series 'Communication Disorders Across Languages' (N. Müller & M. J. Ball, book series eds.)
Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters

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An Anthology of Bilingual Child Phonology
Babatsouli, E. & Ball, M. J. (eds.) (2020)
In book series 'Second Language Acquisition' (D. Singleton & S. Pfenninger, book series eds.)
Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters

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Crosslinguistic Research in Monolingual and Bilingual Speech
Babatsouli, E. (ed.) (2018)
Chania, Greece: ISMBS. ISBN 978-618-82351-2-0

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Phonology in Protolanguage and Interlanguage
Babatsouli, E. & Ingram, D. (eds.) (2018)
Sheffield, UK: Equinox Publishing

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Crosslinguistic Encounters in Language Acquisition: Typical and Atypical Development
Babatsouli, E., Ingram, D. & Müller, N. (eds.) (2017)
Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters